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My Story.
 My Mission.

SPT Core Values

  • Relationships – our main focus is to build relationships and get to know our clients so we can best set them up for success
  • Accessibility – we are accessible. Whether it relates to our schedule or our clients ability to connect with our trainers, we are accessible 
  • Sustainable – our fitness model sets our clients up with a long term sustainable fitness program that encompasses varying methods of exercise that our clients need to get stronger and improve their body composition. 
  • Goal Setting – The journey our clients take in creating new habits and finding a healthy relationship with their health and wellness will be a collaborative effort towards our clients desired goals. We work with and teach our clients on how to create healthy habits.
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Circuit 1 – Dynamic

Circuit 1 focuses on a method of training where our members will train their bodies in all anatomical planes of motion, using a wide variety of training tools including TRX, Aqua-trainers, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Barbells, Balance Trainers, etc.

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Circuit 2 – Resistance

Circuit 2 focuses on Strength training by way of free weights. When training with Free Weights you will simulate real-life lifting situations and promote whole-body stabilization.

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Circuit 3 – Bodyweight Training

In Circuit 3, your final circuit, all of our training will be done using your bodyweight. One of the most important benefits of bodyweight exercise is its ability to improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength all at once.


Charles Schmidt

NCCPT/ISSA – Certified Personal Trainer
NCCPT – Kettlebell Training Techniques Certified
NCCPT – Weight Management Specialist
NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM – Behavior Change Specialist 
NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist
TRX – Level 1 Suspension Trainer Certified

Welcome to SPT, my name is Charles and I am the founder of SPT – Semi Private Training. I have worked in commercial fitness since 2009 and if fitness has taught me anything it is that there is always an area of opportunity. This is the mindset that has led me to create the SPT workout model and I believe that SPT is the perfect blend of 1-1 training and group training. What our Semi Private Training model allows for our members is the opportunity to work with a fitness professional at a fraction of the cost of a 1-1 training session while still giving our members the attention they need and would miss out on during a group training session. The SPT exclusive workout model is also designed to be accessible. People are often missing sessions because they “dont have time”. With a new SPT session starting every 15 minutes during our designated hours that excuse no longer exists. Bottom line is that SPT sets our clients up for success better than any other workout model! 

I look forward to having you in for a Free Week trial and getting to know you and your wellness goals. One of the best things about SPT is that we will get to know ALL of our members in our community so your goals will be prioritized by our trainers. I can promise you with SPT you will not be just another member number. See you soon for your complimentary session and thank you for considering SPT as a vehicle to better your health and wellness!


The Gym


SPT Semi Private Training offers our clients an individually focused workout in an efficient 45 minute setting consisting of 3 separate workout circuits. 

It is you in the circuit along with 1 other member (6 members in total MAX throughout the workout) in your circuit which allows for our trainer to offer high-end service making sure you are maximizing your workout efficiency. The SPT workout engages you the entire 45 minutes yet allows you to focus on working out to your specific fitness level.